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We are Cornish Landscapers, based in Wadebridge, North Cornwall.

Whether you ask us to create a stone planter, stone wall, Cornish hedge, fencing, turfing, patios or a much larger landscaping project for your garden or outside area, we will always strive to incorporate a unique design that has a sensitivity to Cornwall's heritage.

If it's paving, fencing or general hard landscaping you are looking for in your garden, then Green Stone Landscaping can offer you some very attractive styles and ideas.

Indian sandstone planters with slate planters and granite sett detail

 Above you can see an Indian sandstone patio with granite sett detail edges. We also constructed bespoke slate planters to help break up the expanse of this 65 square metre patio.

Below we hung these beautiful wooden entrance gates as part of an insurance job. Having one car sized gate with the pedestrian gate really makes the most of this entrance area. 

Double entrance gate, one car and one pedestrian
Wood clad concrete rail
On the left, we have clad an unattractive concrete block wall with timber on the face and handrail. The customer was so happy to have the block wall hidden with this very attractive cladding, and how the overall effect of the timber softened the area beautifully.

This was by far the most cost effective solution, rather than having to take down the block wall and get rid of the waste


From basic concrete to natural sandstone slabs, or even granite setts, we can achieve a fantastic effect with all styles of paving in different settings.

With the fencing service we provide, you have the choice of pre-bought fence panels to handmade customised fencing or, for the perfect natural setting, hazel hurdles which are constructed entirely of seasoned hazel wood.

We can also provide low maintenance garden solutions. Stone and bark chippings with landscape fabric make an excellent covering to keep weeds under control on pathways and flowerbeds.

Garden before clearing
Above, you can see this garden looking overgrown
and in need of a little TLC!
Garden after clearing

After clearing all the weeds, we put down the landscape fabric and laid the bark chippings on top. The finished appearance gives the garden a sense of space and makes it all much more manageable.

Repaired slab steps with handrail

The steps on the left were originally made in slate but had fallen into bad disrepair. The retired couple at the property needed the steps to be made more stable, so we laid slabs with extra grip and put in a hand rail.

Granite sett pathway
Granite sett circle

Granite setts are great for edging and defining areas of a garden, for example between a lawn and driveway.

They are also very decorative and versatile and can be used to create fantastic features.

Hit and miss wooden fence

Above and below is a popular style of fencing called 'hit and miss'. The timber boards are placed staggered either side of the fence, meaning that the wind can move through, thereby making this ideal for breezy locations! The picture above has the boards placed vertically and the picture below has them placed horizontally.  Both are equally effective as fences, and both look very attractive in style, the choice is yours!

Hit and miss style fence with gate

These customers had had enough of their tired old block wall which was starting to become unsafe and, as the wall ran alongside a path the public have access to, they were concerned about it becoming a danger to passersby. The customers were delighted with the end result and you can see the difference it makes not only aesthetically but also having chosen this style of handmade fencing, it is both practical and more substantial than standard pre-bought panels, and only at little extra cost.

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